This is the beginning of a page that will have photos linked to different topics and locations throughout the state of Montana.

You can click on the images or words to get to the respective pages.

Glacier National Park

Glacier is a vast and beautiful park.  One could profitably spend a month or more photographing and exploring it. We spent about 3 days. You can

see some of the photos I took by clicking the image below.


Bozeman Area

Bozeman sits in a high elevation plain surrounded by mountains and

canyons. This certainly is big sky country.

Old Town Bozeman

“Old Town” is my name for a charming section near downtown

that so far seems to have remained without upscale frills.

DX865B DU585O

Paradise and Shields River Valleys

U.S. 89 within 30 miles north and south of Livingston is featured on the

page you get to by clicking this photo from the Paradise  Valley.

Hyalite Canyon

Located 15 miles south of Bozeman, this is a large and varied

recreational area for hiking, mountain biking fishing, cross-country

skiing, ice climbing, and photography.

DX865J DX859C

Virginia City Area

Virginia City is a well-preserved “ghost town” paying homage to the

earlier era of the “wild west”. The historic  spots make interesting photo


Gallatin Canyon and Big Sky

This  area of rivers,  canyons,  valleys, and Lone Peak mountain

offers fishing, skiing,  hiking, and photography. The hike to

Ousel Falls is especially nice.

DG144U-Country-Store-simplified DG243A_B_C_D_Below-Ousel-Falls-

Headwaters of the Missouri 

The area around Three Forks has Headwaters State Park and some

interesting old towns.

Montana in Panorama

This page contains links to various pages of panoramas from

Montana that you can zoom into and explore in detail.

DG077D-Gallatin-River-from-Headwaters DX681A-Sherburne-Lake-Sunrise