Bozeman Area

My travels to Bozeman have mainly been to visit family — my Mother, brother, and sister-in-law. My days have mostly consisted of early morning photography, then taking my Mother for a tour of the areas around Bozeman.  You can see some of the spots we visited by clicking the links on the main Montana page. Here I show some photos from the city of Bozeman and a few close-by spots.

To the north of Bozeman are the Bridger Mountain rising 4800 feet above Bozeman’s plain that itself is 4800 feet above sea level. I got lucky one morning and quickly made a handheld 13-shot panorama from my bother’s home before the nice light faded. If you click the cropped image below you will be taken to a page with a full-width version of this photo that you can zoom into and pan around.

DU601  Bridgers-at-Dawn--crop-for-pan-card

Triple Tree Ranch is an upscale housing area with nice trails open to the public. It is mainly fields for hiking and biking, but there are nice small sections of woods.


I got one of my favorite photos while hiking up the entrance hill early one morning with a yellow sky to the east.


Here is a brief slide show of photos from Triple Tree.


At times large herds of elk visit Bozeman, grazing not far from downtown.



In addition to the elk photos I managed to get with a relatively short lens, I was able to capture other nature in Bozeman during my brief time in the city — deer, birds, mainly mountain bluebirds and magpies, and insects. Here are a few photo of Bozeman nature.


Cottonwood Canyon is nearby. I visited it once in fall and made this painting-like image.


You can see a few more photos from Cottonwood Canyon below.

DG067H.jpgDG068--Cottonwood-Creek-Trail--Pan-(4).jpgDG069  Forest-in-Cottonwood-Canyon--Pan-(2).jpgDG070B-Cottonwood-Canyon-Floor-Simplified.jpgDG070D.jpgDG072G-White-Birch-along-Cottonwood-.jpg

Heading west from Bozeman through Four Corners takes one to an area of beautiful rolling hills, round hay bales, and old farms. Here are two panoramic images of a hay field. The top was taken Sept. 22, 2011 and the bottom Sept. 20, 2014.



Below is a brief slide show of this area.


Since I lived with my gracious hosts Jean and Rick Block, I need to show two photos I took from their yard, a few days apart — a sunset and the Milky Way.



No photo page would be complete without a sunset photo or two. But be sure to see the slide show below and the page on Bozeman Old Town.



Below is a slide show of other photos from the Bozeman area.


There is also a special page of photos for “Old Town” Bozeman HERE.