Hardy Hill Brook

I recently “discovered” this area less than 3 miles from my home. I photographed it in March before and after some rains. It is conserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust. The character of the brook changed considerable in a single day. Here are some panoramic images I created.

You can double click to zoom way in and use the left mouse to pan around. You can also use the + and – keys to zoom and the arrow keys to scroll. Please wait for the resolution to download.

The first panorama shows part of the brook after the rain. The top left corner of this image is shown in the second panorama the day earlier. You can zoom in and examine details but even in the overview you can see a big change.

Here are two more after-and-before-the-rain panoramas looking at the same area downstream. You can zoom to the same spot where the river disappears and see the comparison.

The following three panoramas were taken before the rain.