Photography Courses

I offer two basic digital photography courses several times each year:  “Digital Photography and Photoshop” and “Photography with a Digital SLR Camera”. I also offer more advanced courses open to those who have completed one of these courses.

“Digital Photography and Photoshop” covers many aspects of digital photography including obtaining, managing, improving, and printing your images.  Learning how to use any version of Photoshop is the main focus of this course.

“Photography with a Digital SLR Camera” is all about taking photos and is for photographers using a digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) or Mirrorless Camera  with Interchangeable Lenses (ILC).

These courses require that you spend considerable time on your own mastering the skills that I will explain and demonstrate during the classes.  Each class will be held in my Etna, NH home studio.  There will be only 5 to 7 students in each course so that you can get lots of personal help if you need it.   Each course costs $300.  More information on each of these courses follows.  If you would like additional information or have questions, please just ask.

Course Descriptions

Digital Photography and Photoshop is designed for those who are beginning to explore the world of digital photography or who have some experience and want to learn how to manage and edit their images in a way that maximizes quality.   A digital camera is not required, but you must have a CS or CC version of Photoshop or any recent version of Photoshop Elements.   For the purposes of this class these programs are very similar.

In this course I will introduce and survey current tools and techniques.  We will cover:  digital cameras (selecting and using), computer systems, scanning, image editing, printing, and numerous other related topics. The bulk of the course will be devoted to non-destructive, reversible image optimization. I will concentrate on conveying a basic understanding of what is going on when you use a digital camera or manipulate an image in Photoshop and what things can and should be done rather than specific cookbook formulas. This should allow you to go well beyond what is covered in this course and apply what you learn to new challenges.

The main emphasis of the course is perfecting a “workflow” from image capture, through editing, to printing to produce the best possible result.  Extensive “handouts” will be provided by email.  This is more a “Photoshop course” than a “how to take photos course”.

Photography with a SLR Digital Camera is a course for those who want to learn how to better use their SLR or ICL digital camera to produce pleasing images.  It is mostly about photography as opposed to image editing, although having some version of Photoshop will be helpful.  This course can be taken before or after “Digital Photography and Photoshop”.  A DSLR or ILC camera is required for this course.   We will have one half-day Saturday or Sunday group shooting session at a nearby location.

I will cover the unique features of digital cameras and how best to use this exciting tool.  Your instruction manual tells you how to make the multitude of settings available.  I will tell you which settings you want to make, which features you want to use (and which to avoid), and why.  I will be available before class to help you figure out how to make the settings if you have a problem understanding your camera manual, but you will be required to read your instruction book.

The critical aspects of photography will be covered:  using depth-of-field, shutter speed, exposure, composition, light, design of photos.  We will address composition and techniques for capturing images you should be proud of.  During the first class I will cover the mechanics of using a digital camera and transferring and preserving the captured image.  In subsequent classes we will spend considerable time reviewing and discussing your images from weekly shooting assignments as well as exploring the advanced features of digital SLR cameras.

Daytime Classes

Most classes are held in the evening because that is the time most people can attend them.  If there is sufficient interest in morning or afternoon classes I will be happy to do a course at these times.  Please let me know your desires.

Fragrance-free Environment

Participants in these classes are required to come to class fragrance-free.  This means no perfumed products or hairspray should be used on the day of the class and clothes should not be contaminated by fragranced detergents or fabric softeners.  If this requirement is a problem, please do not sign up for a class.

Notification list

If you would like to receive a periodic email announcing my class schedules, please send me an