New Hampshire

This is the beginning of a page that will have photos linked to different topics and locations throughout the state of New Hampshire.  You can click on the image or words to get to the respective pages.

Sunapee Area

Lake Sunapee as seen from near the top of Mount Sunapee spreads out to the north with several islands in view. The largest near the center is Great Island. Here are some photos of the diverse and beautiful Sunapee Area.

 Trails of the Kearsarge Region

The Newbury Trail seen here is one of the great trails in New Hampshire. It is Trail 1 of the 75 mile loop that is the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway. Click the image above to get to a page that links you to many of the wonderful trails in the Kearsarge Region.

 Great North Woods

The Great North Woods encompasses the northern tip of New Hampshire, north of the White Mountains. It includes huge wilderness areas in Pittsburg, the headwaters of the Connecticut River, the rugged Dixville Notch, numerous waterfalls, and the rivers and forests around Errol. It is the moose and snowmobile capital of NH.

Collette Trail and Bicknell Brook

Beauty, nature, and a pristine stream await just a few paces from your car at this Upper Valley outdoor gem in Enfield. Downstream from a one-lane bridge over Bicknell Brook, a series of dramatic waterfalls lead to Crystal Lake. Upstream natural and human history can be seen. There one finds beautiful broad falls, active beaver wetlands, and the remnants of a stone wall that created a millpond for a former saw mill just downstream of the bridge.

Route 4A 

If you like to travel to photograph New England scenic icons, don’t bother with Route 4A in west-central NH. But if you like to discover places that few photographers see or create images few will make, then this is the place for you.

DM741 Wetland in Fall