This page contains links to eight pages of peregrine banding related images. Click on any image to get to the pages. Then click the NEXT button on each page or return to this page to navigate to the other pages.

On June 2, 2010, Chris Martin, assisted by Mike Thompson, banded three peregrine chicks at Holtz Ledge in Lyme, NH.  Peg Ackerson and I assisted by guiding them to the eyrie ledge, cheering them on, and releasing the ropes after they repelled down.  Click the image below for a summary slide show of the event photographed from a vantage point somewhat removed from the eyrie.  Click the final image to see the three chicks just fledged.

In 2009 one chick was banded on the cliff above the eyrie.  Click the image below for a slide show from that day.

Mike rappelled to the eyrie and then guided Chris in.  The photo below links to a slide show of Chris swinging onto the eyrie ledge.

After the banding, Chris had to slip off the ledge into thin air.  It took quite a while for him to ponder this move, but by clicking on the image below you can see him drop down from the eyrie ledge.

The female peregrine landed on the left side of the eyrie ledge and walked to the cave where the eggs and chicks were hidden.  Here is a sequence of still images of this (click the image).

In preparation for the 2010 banding, Peg and I scouted the spot.  Here is a slide show from that trip and then a large panorama of the site that you can explore in detail.  (Click the next two images in turn.)

Finally click the image below to get to a large image that you can explore in detail by zooming in.