The book, “PHOTO IMPRESSIONISM and the Subjective Image“, co-authored by Freeman Patterson and André Gallant has examples of two types of creative multiple exposures made on slide film. Freeman would put 9 to 25 exposures of a single subject on a single transparency moving the camera slightly between exposures. Andre’s favorite technique was to combine a sharp and very out of focus image of the same subject. He mainly did this by sandwiching two transparencies, but it can also be done in-camera on a single piece of film.

Both of these techniques can be done in-camera with many digital cameras.  Below is an in-camera digital version of André’s in/out of focus technique that I made today. If you try this, remember to open your lens wide when you take the out-of-focus shot or it will not be as blurry as you might wish.


The slide show below has 10-shot multi-exposure images made totally in-camera except for some minor adjustments and the mirroring of one image. 

Here are a few more Multiple Exposures made in-camera.



If you would like to learn more about some advanced in-camera multiple exposure techniques and see some created in Photoshop, you can CLICK HERE.