Milton Frye Nature Area

Here are some photos from the Milton Frye Nature Area in Norwich, VT.  How many of the birds can you identify?

Many of these were taken during an amazing “fall-out” during three rainy and cold days in May.  George Clark was leading one of his many very educational bird walks in Norwich. But this day was cold and rainy so attendance was very sparse (just me).  We walked into the orchard and found quite a bit of activity but soon headed into the woods to search there and perhaps to partly escape the rain.  When we returned to our cars the rain had let up somewhat. I decided to head back to the orchard, this time with my camera and tripod.  George came with me to “spot”.

The apple trees were in bloom and there seem to be multiple birds in each of them.  We were having a “fall-out”,  birds were grounded by  the weather and “trapped” by the cold and rainy conditions.   And there they stayed for three cold rainy days until the weather broke. Then suddenly they were gone.  I saw species I had not previously seen.  It has not been as good since, but I try to return each spring when the apple trees are in bloom and birds are feeding on the insects among the blossoms.