Great North Woods Panoramas

Please explore these panoramic images taken in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. You can double click to zoom way in and use the left mouse to pan around. You can also use the + and – keys to zoom and the arrow keys to scroll. Please wait for the resolution to download.

The first panorama on this page was made by combining 62 exposures taken very close to the upper portion of the Dixville Flume with a wide angle lens. The view shows both upstream and downstream from the camera position. This is somewhat uphill from the lower part of the flume seen in the fourth pan on this page.

The panorama below was made by combining 24 exposures taken very close to the falls with a wide angle lens. I was actually standing in Beaver Brook when I made this pan. You can compare this somewhat distorted view with the last pan on this page which was taken with a longer focal length from a considerable distance from the falls.

Mark and I rode our mountain bikes into the Second College Grant. We tried a challenging single track and found a very nice viewpoint of the Swift Diamond River with some small rapids.

This is the small but beautiful lower part of the Dixville Flume. It is what you first see when you leave your car and head toward the sound of the water.

A view of the Beaver Brook Falls taken with a somewhat longer lens from much farther away than the second pan on this page.