Central NH in Fall

Here are some panoramic images from Central NH. You can double click to zoom way in and use the left mouse to pan around. You can also use the + and – keys to zoom and the arrow keys to scroll. Please wait for the resolution to download.

The first is of a waterfall of the Smith River shortly before it enters the Pemigewasset River in Bristol. The falls are called Profile Falls. Can you find the profile? It is above the foliage extending in from the right in front of the falls and just to the left of the dead tree that is in the falls. You have to zoom way in to find it.The next image is Quincy Bog in Rumney somewhat to the north past Newfound Lake. This is a beautiful bog with a nice trail around it that makes a great introduction to or refresher on many of the plants that reside in this area.Located roughly between these two spots is the Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton. A sign reads “A small gorge through which the Cockermouth River flows at this place was shaped about 12,000 years ago at the end of the Great Ice Age. Rock debris, silt, and sand carried in the melt waters were trapped and tumbled against the granite bedrock to carve the deep curves and potholes we see today.”
Just downstream of the image above, on the other side of the bridge, there are many more interesting nature sculptures. Here is one view.
While waiting for the sun to go at least partially behind a cloud so I could make the panorama above, I carefully walked down wet slippery rocks and made a modest hand held panoramic image with my LX5 at its widest setting. This is certainly not the recommended approach, but I like the leaves sprinkled on the rocks and feel the image works fairly well.