Milky Way from inside the Grand Canyon

Travelling through the Grand Canyon provided a unique opportunity to photograph the Milky Way, especially later in the trip when the moon was not a factor. The few previous attempts I made were mostly in the middle of the night in winter in NH. But during this October trip the sun set very early, the evenings were cool but not cold, and there is little light pollution in the Grand Canyon. So conditions were great. Because we were normally in a narrow canyon, the expanse of sky that was visible was limited. Yet, most evening the Milky Way was just where I would have wanted it to be.

Here is a brief slide show of my various attempts. The images are composites of between 3 and 8 individual photos. The campsites, in order, are: Trinity,  Crystal, Galloway, Below Kanab (two images), Love Nest, and Lower 220 Mile.

DT564--Milky-Way-over-Trinity-Camp--Pan-(7).jpgDT646,7-Milky-Way-over-Crystal-Camp--Pan-(8).jpgDT912,-914B,C-Milky-Way-with-clouds-and-reflections at Galloway--Pan-(3).jpgDT984A,B,D,F,G,I,H-Milky-Way-Over-Below-Kanab--Pan-(7).jpgDT986--Milky-Way-above-Tent-at-Below-Kanab--Pan-(4).jpgDU066  Milky Way at Love Nest Camp  moved (C).jpgDU219-Milky-Way-from-Lower-220-Mile-Camp---Pan-(8)-crop.jpg