Gasoline on a road

Jann and I took a walk on a nearby road this afternoon. It was a bit muddy, but we like this road because it has some hills and almost no traffic. 

We soon noticed that a car or truck had leaked gasoline on the road. Unfortunate, but it made for some colorful photos.

Here are a few of the photos I took while trying to keep up with Jann who kept walking.















Greensboro Ridge with Alcott Smith

On a nearly perfect winter day, a group of 14 joined naturalist and tracker extraordinaire Alcott Smith in the Greensboro Ridge Natural Area.  This winter excursion was sponsored by the Hanover Conservancy which owns this beautiful conserved area that features huge glacial erratics and vernal pools. Here we are a few minutes into the hike and almost the only time we were on a trail. Alcott feels that if you want to really experience the woods you have to get off-trail.

Our first tracks were from a red squirrel. In the photo below the squirrel is heading to the right. Its front feet tracks are behind those made by its rear feet.

Alcott found a porcupine den and inspected it with a flashlight. If the porcupine was home, it was too far in to see. You can see the dirty porcupine trail heading out the bottom right corner of the photo on the left below and below Alcott’s elbow in the photo on the right.

The den was below a huge wall of glacial erratics where Alcott found some bear scat. On the other side of the small valley was some interesting ice.

We climbed to an area where we found bobcat tracks.

We would occasionally stop to learn interesting facts about the forest.

Alcott found and identified some coyote tracks.

This set of tracks was puzzling for a while.

But following the track into a shady area revealed the clear print of a raccoon.

We found another bobcat track. Here Alcott is above a small rock overhang that the bobcat scent-marked. He said they do that under overhangs to help keep rain from washing it away.

Near the end of the walk we came across deer rubs on stripped maple. You can see older deer rubs on the trunk to the right.

Here are a few more photos I took during our three-hour adventure in the woods of Greensboro Ridge. 


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Red Crossbills

While on a hike yesterday in Etna, NH with my wife, I got some low quality photos of two female Red Crossbills. I only had my “walk-around-lens” with me. I went back to look for them with a serious lens but could not find them.

These are heavily cropped.


If you have never seen iridescent clouds, check out the blog below. I’ve seen them six times in three different countries in the last year, so they are not all that rare.

Sun Dog and Iridescent Clouds

Returning home from a snowshoe hike with a friend, I spotted a sun dog.  We were near his house in Lebanon, but we stopped briefly so I could get the photo below.

At my friend’s home I took more photos of the sun dog, then I looked to see if there might also be iridescent clouds present. Sure enough there were, just above the sun. We had to block the sun with our hands in order to clearly see them. 

Here are a few of the photos I took over the next 10 minutes.  In one of them you can see an airplane and its contrail in the bottom right corner.


Before I left I took one more photo of the sun dog.

After I arrived home I took another photo of the iridescent clouds.

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