Porcupine in Hanover

While returning from a brisk walk on the Rail Trail in Lebanon and Enfield this afternoon, Jann and I came across a porcupine.  Here are 4 of the photos I managed to get before it disappeared. 

New Years Eve Sun Dogs

A very colorful pair of Sun Dogs appeared in the sky above our yard this morning. They were associated with a faint 22 degree halo. The show lasted for over 90 minutes, so I had time to photograph from various windows and also from out in the yard. The above photo shows one of the pair taken from outside our house on this well-below-zero morning.

Below is the view from our top floor, standing in an empty bathtub. You can see that the trees are still icy from the freezing rain before Christmas.

Our cat, Rilla, didn’t know which way to look for them, but she sure was having fun following me around the house.  She must have sensed my excitement.

For another photo from our yard, I “hid” the sun behind a tree.

Below is a photo that shows a piece of our house and deck.

I wanted to show how colorful the Sun Dogs were so I took a number of photos with a long lens. Here are a few of them.

You can see more light shows in the sky by CLICKING HERE.


Ruffed Grouse December 26, 2017

About an hour before sunset the day after Christmas a Ruffed Grouse appeared in our Etna yard. We see them from time to time along our driveway, but this is the first that I have seen one so close to our house.

The photo below is the first photo I took of the grouse in a tangle of ice branches. It is completely uncropped. 

The grouse flew a short distance to another tangle of branches.

I watched it for 20 more minutes as it moved into even less photographic locations. It seemed to be eating buds of the deciduous trees.  Finally I decided to make an “end-run” and loop far around hoping for a cleaner photo. This also allowed me to put my back to the quickly disappearing sun. That was when I got the photo below and the one at the top of this page.


Merry Christmas yard birds on ice

Our Christmas eve ice storm provided an opportunity to stay home and photograph a few yard birds. The Tufted Titmouse is one of my favorite species, but the slate-colored Dark-eyed Juncos were beautiful with their subtle coloration.

Here are the Juncos on display.


And now the Tufted Titmouses, or is it titmice?


A few American Goldfinch made an appearance.


Finally, no yard would be complete without Black-capped Chickadees.