Fall hike up SRK Greenway Trail 10

It was a beautiful day, though a bit foggy — wonderful for photos — and the hour of heavy rain was at most a brief distraction. Lee Carvalho led a group of 10 hikers up SRK Greenway Trail 10 from Proctor to Winslow State Park. All misjudged the length and steepness of the last mile, but all enjoyed the hike — at least I did.

The light was great on the drive to the meeting place, so I got some photos, including this one along Route 11.


While waiting for the group to assemble to carpool down to Proctor, I made this photo of Ragged Mountain.


We saw several cellar holes and two impressive old chimneys. We took a detour to beautiful Morey Pond seen below with Mount Kearsarge in the background in fog.


After the hike I bought an apple fritter at the Blackwater gas station — a ritual for me — then took some photos in North Wilmot on the way home. Here is Kimpton Brook.


Please enjoy the slide show that follows.



Mount Kearsarge Tradition


Julian and I hiked Mount Kearsarge for what I believe is the seventeenth consecutive year Tuesday. We have hiked all 4 of the major trails but our favorite route by far is up the steep Winslow Trail and down the longer Barlow Trail, named as a memorial to a friend and paddle tennis partner and opponent.

The Winslow Trail is mostly composed of roots and rocks but we glided over them with ease, or at least one of us did.


Julian carried his camera and probably took more photos than I did.


Below is a 13-shot panorama from the top. If you click this image you will be taken to a page where you can zoom in and read the labels of many of the VT and NH mountains.


Clouds over Montana November 7, 2013

I spent a wonderful day exploring a beautiful part of Montana with my Mother after an 18-day adventure on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. If you click HERE or on the image below, you will be taken to a page of panoramic images you can zoom into and explore.


Rainbow Over Sunapee

DXS168--Double-RainbowThese was a nice rainbow over Lake Sunapee Thursday evening. You can see an image that you can pan into and move around HERE.