Happy 100th Birthday, Mom

This is my Mother 3 days after her 92nd birthday. That was 8 years ago. Today she turned 100. Happy Birthday, Mom.

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Hurricane Hole Kayak and Snorkel

My good friend and fantastic photographer, Fernando Ramos, was hired by Arthur Jones of Arawak Expeditions to photograph a kayak and snorkel trip in Hurricane Hole on St. John, US Virgin Islands. Since my wife and I had rented a villa nearby to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our small family, Fernando invited me to join him. Fernando was the real photographer on this trip equipped with a high-end Canon DSLR, an underwater camera housing with flash, and a drone equipped with a GoPro camera. I tagged along with two Nikon cameras for over and under water.



The trip was led by Loren, a very capable young woman and a transplant from Maine. The paying guests were couples from Michigan and Vermont.

We launched in Princess Bay and kayaked to nearby Otter Creek where Fernando set up his camera-equipped drone.



While Fernando photographed, we snorkeled among the mangroves. This gave me a chance to use my new Nikon AW1 underwater camera for only the third time. It’s not a serious underwater camera, only useful for snorkeling depths, but since I’m rarely underwater, it suits me fine.






The group kayaked over to Water Creek for lunch and then back to the west side of Princess Bay for another snorkel. This time Fernando joined us underwater. He got a shot of me photographing him and I reciprocated.



Photo above by Fernando Ramos.

Below are two slideshows. The first shows some above-water photos that I took during our adventure. The second are my underwater attempts.

2015 Vermont Pond Hockey

I again photographed the Vermont Pond Hockey Tournament last weekend for the Lake Morey Resort. This 6th tournament featured 96 teams from the eastern US and Canada playing for two days on 16 rinks on Lake Morey in Fairlee, Vermont. You can see photos from the 6th tournament HERE. You can get to photos from all six tournaments from THIS PAGE.


Mount Sunapee hike with SRKG

Tom Lawton led a hike over the top of Mount Sunapee on Saturday. Tom, Gerry, Charles, and I enjoyed a beautiful day with snow in the morning making the mountain quiet and beautiful. Our trip down was challenging with icy patches.

We met at the P.O. parking lot in Newbury.


We started up the trail with snow falling, soon stopping to shed some layers of clothes. The temperature was relatively mild, and we were working hard.


Eventually we reached White Ledges, a beautiful spot. If you click HERE you will get to panoramas from this spot made yesterday and 4 years ago. You can zoom in and pan around on that page.


We met a couple on snowshoes with an energetic and very well behaved dog.


We reached the ski area and climbed up the side of the ski trails to the peak lodge where we had lunch.


I thought it would be a quick and easy hike down, but the ice made it different than that. There was definitely some slick going. My trekking poles and long-ago gymnastic training kept me upright. Others polished the ice so those coming behind us would see what to avoid.


We passed through numerous forest types. The pines were beautiful.


We spent around 6 hours walking. A great way to spend a day.

Here is a slide show of some of the other photos from this hike up and over Sunapee.


Be sure to check out the page of panoramas if you haven’t so far.