Morning Kayak

I was in my kayak just after 6 this morning.  It was a nice ride.  In a space of 70 minutes I got a variety of photos:

A sailboat waiting for adventure.


A bridge to a small private island.


A loon still on its nest.


Royal ferns and iris.


A beautiful boat cruising slowly.


Interesting clouds.


And some God Beams over the lake.


Mid-June Birds

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I spent a few hours photographing birds in each of the Kearsarge area towns of New London, Sunapee, and Newport. There are photos of 19 species taken these three days on this blog, but the prize and surprise for me was finding a Canada Warbler in New London.


It was at a site I had been to many times, but I had never seen or heard a Canada Warbler there. Strange thing was, as I was walking in I thought for the first time that this could be good habitat for this species —  low, dense, wet vegetation. I was thinking about Canada Warblers and then the bird appeared like magic.

Just before I found the Canada Warbler there was a White-throated Sparrow …


… and a female Black-and-White Warbler.


A bit earlier that morning there were a pair of Common Loons on Pleasant Lake.


Surprisingly, all of the above photos were taken within a span of 52 minutes.

Here are some of the other photos I got of the cooperative Canada Warbler.

In Newport, I hiked along a rail trail near the Sugar River.  I got a brief look at an Eastern Phoebe.


And an even briefer view of a Hairy Woodpecker.


An Ovenbird sang, and I managed to find it.


A Chestnut-sided Warbler was singing loudly and came quite close to the trail.


Sunapee was my most productive location.  I visited several sites with a variety of habitat.

The large fields along Trask Road had been mowed displacing the Bobolinks. I  found several in a field across Route 103.


Along Trask Road I found Cedar Waxwings and a Yellow Warbler.



I moved into a wooded location.  I caught a quick glimpse of two turkeys with a group of young.


Up very high a Scarlet Tanager sang with its “sore throat”.  I just got a quick shot before it was gone.


Warblers were represented by a Pine, Black-throated Green, and an Ovenbird.




In a small opening in the woods, a Broad-winged Hawk caught a rodent and flew off only to return 20 minutes later and perch for a short time giving me an over-shoulder glance.


All the while I was in the woods I was listening to the loud and boring “song” of a Red-eyed Vireo, and the much more pleasant flute of a Hermit Thrush.


A Great Blue Heron flew along the shore of the lake.


I stumbled across a Kingbird on a nest that was actually overhanging the water.


Its mate stood guard nearby.


Also nearby an Eastern Phoebe posed for my camera.


Here are a few other photos I took during three days in mid-June.

Fox Kits in New London

A friend told me about a fox den, so Jann and I checked it out yesterday morning. We got lucky. When we arrived there were three kits visible. They knew we were present but soon relaxed and pretty much ignored us.


After our first brief view of three, it was rare that more than one kit was in sight at a time. They seemed to have things to do and areas to explore. We stayed for thirty minutes. When we left none were in view. We returned 80 minutes later and none were in sight.


There was an old shed nearby. Two of the kits disappeared behind it while the smallest of the three laid on a large rock in front of the shed.



At one point all disappeared, and then about 5 minutes later two reappeared from behind the shed. The somewhat confusing photo below shows a jumble of legs and the tails of the two.


Just over one second later, below was the scene. The fox with the rope was the one behind the fox that is now out of the frame. These guys can move fast.


As I studied the photo below of the fox kit I noticed something below its left eye.


I believe it is a tick.


The fox took the rope and disappeared. Three minutes later a different kit appeared.


This kit gradually worked its way closer and closer to us. It posed …


… dug and sniffed at the ground …



… getting its nose dirty …


This kit walked past us and disappeared in the woods behind us.

A few minutes later another appeared, stayed in the tall grass for a short time, then was gone.


Here are some of the other photos I took during our short time with the fox kits.

Sunset over Lake Sunapee

There was a nice sunset over Lake Sunapee three nights ago. The image below is a composite of 5 individual photos. You can double click to zoom way in and use the left mouse to pan around. You can also use the + and – keys to zoom and the arrow keys to scroll. Please wait for the resolution to download.

And here is one from a week ago. You can also zoom into this image.