McDaniels Marsh Last Saturday of September 2015

I made a brief stop at McDaniels Marsh in Springfield, NH on the last Friday of September. The next day I returned with a kayak arriving well before sunrise. The marsh was fogged in so there would be no glorious sunrise. Still the fog was beautiful as the sun rose.EF799A

I launched a bit before 7 AM and headed across the marsh into the sun. Backlight, where one photographs at the light source, is a favorite light direction for many types of image.


Being in a boat as the sun is rising provides many opportunities to position the sun in the image. Often peeking through trees is a nice effect.



There were spider webs everywhere. Still, it was hard to get a clean shot at them. I took a few photos and decided to paddle on before the sun rose too high.


Near the far end of the marsh I found a group of 3 otters. They took one look at me and swam for safety. I was able to capture one with nice reflections as it rose out of the water to see if I was still present.


By 8 AM most of the fog was gone and the sun was out bright. Time to add a polarizer to my wide angle lens.



Heading back, I found a pair of Yellowlegs.


And a Solitary Sandpiper.


The foliage along shore was starting to turn — the season seems late this year. I enjoyed photographing the lily pads with a wide angle lens.



Here are a few more of the photos I took at McDaniels the last Saturday morning of September.

Kimpton Brook Falls

I love photographing moving water. So after the intense rain we had recently I decided to head to North Wilmot to check out Kimpton Brook. Normally a placid stream, it was in its full glory yesterday. Here are 4 of the photos I took.

Last Friday of September 2015

The last weekend in September was a gem. I spent from before daybreak until 9-10:00 AM each day enjoying nature and taking photos.  Except for the lunar eclipse Sunday evening, which I photographed from my backyard, all of my photos these three days were taken within 2 miles of Route 4A and along the northwest 10 miles of this fairly short NH road.

My first photo Friday morning was sunrise over Lake Mascoma. The lack of wind was to continue nicely for two more days which made for great reflections while I photographed from a kayak Saturday and Sunday.


I stopped briefly at the boat launch for George Pond. Believe it or not, this is the boat launch. My wife and I put a canoe in here in the past and explored this little-visited pond.


My key destination for the morning was a short stretch of dirt road along the Enfield Wildlife Management Area that is my favorite local spot for early fall color. It did not disappoint.


Below are more of the photos I made along this road before 7 AM. If you don’t know where this secret spot is, you will have to read my article to find out.

A short distance away is McDaniels Marsh. If you click the image below you will be taken to a page where you can zoom into this image and explore it in detail.

The quiet of McDaniels inspired me to return the next morning.  My next blog (hopefully coming soon) will show you what this beautiful marsh looks like from a kayak and the wildlife I saw.


A short distance above the marsh I made this photo.


Then from the boat launch area of my favorite pond I photographed a fisherman and a kayaker. I was to return Sunday morning and experience beautiful fog, great light, and serene kayaking.


From the map it looked as if there might be a “backdoor” to McDaniels Marsh from Route 4A. I looked but was unable to find a trail in, at least not one I would attempt without rubber boots. This stretch of the road had some nice color already. The photos in the slide show below were all made from the side of 4A within a half mile of Hardy Hill Road.

Please return soon to see the photos I took Saturday and Sunday from a kayak.  They include otters, loons, shorebirds, and beautiful fog. If you haven’t seen it, the preceding blog post has an interesting composite of the Milky Way and a super moon at full eclipse — a “blood moon”.

Blood Moon and Milky Way

Last night I decided to try something different. The background image with the Milky Way is a 3-shot panorama. The bright “star” on the left is actually the moon near full eclipse. The superimposed “blood moon” photo was taken at about the same time in my backyard.

Blood Moon and Milky Way

We have had a great 4 weeks weatherwise.  I took advantage of the wonderful weather and photographed at a number of sites within two miles of Rt. 4A, one of my favorite places in early fall.  In a few locations, the foliage color was already excellent. I’m busy editing my photos and will post some soon, hopefully in a day or two.

There are still open spots in my Wednesday Photoshop and Thursday Photography  classes that start in two week.  Please contact me if you are interested.