Mascoma River Slalom

The Mascoma River Slalom Kayak Race, the oldest continuously run event of its kind in the nation, was held Saturday April 22 at its traditional location near the Packard Covered Bridge. This is a great event that I have photographed many times. It also served as the topic for a magazine article I wrote and photographed and several blogs on other web sites.

I love photographing the event with a slooooow shutter speed to capture the motion and excitement of the event.  Stopping the action cold at 1/1000 sec just doesn’t work for me. All of the photos here were taken between 1/10 and 1/50 second,  with the majority at 1/20 second or slower.


There was an upstream gate set up in a very difficult spot near shore.  Quite a few missed this gate and several dumped when trying to make the sharp turn. Here is a nice save via an Eskimo roll.


Here is an interesting lay down move.


And here is a time that resulted in a swimmer.


I give a lot of credit and admiration to all the folks who braved the cold, raging river. They all deserve a medal. 

If you want to see photos from a few of the past events that I photographed, please click the links below.






Glossy Ibis in Canaan

I went to Canaan in the rain yesterday afternoon to see the glossy ibis pair feeding in a field along Route 4.  One flew a short distance and I got a shot as it landed. After feeding for a while, the pair took flight and landed at the edge of a pond that was on the east end of the field. They stood there preening as the rain intensified.  I decided it was time to leave.

Here are a few photos.

Accidental Two Eagle Day

I didn’t expect to get anything — I was just taking a quick look at two spots before I had to be in Lebanon. But I got lucky and only needed to spend two minutes at each of the spots.

I checked out the Pompy area, and as soon as I drove in an eagle launched from a tree above the road. I stopped, rolled down my window, grabbed my camera, and started shooting as it circled the broad expanse of the river. Here are four of the photos from a 17-shot sequence. I believe it is a second year bird.


I made a panorama from the 17 photos.  It is below, but if you CLICK HERE or click the image below you will be taken to a page where you can zoom into this image, pan around, and examine each of the eagles up close.

From there I headed south thinking I might have enough time to see if I could spot the eagle’s nest on a NH island. But I was very low on gas and decided I needed to turn around before reaching the end of the dead end road.  Across from where I made my turn, an eagle sat in a tree on the VT side of the Connecticut River. I parked, got out of my car and took some handheld photos from behind it. The eagle posed for me for a bit over a minute and then launched. Here is a sequence.



Wood Duck Chase

Yesterday in Lyme, NH a friend and I witnessed a short chase scene. An unattached male wood duck got too close to another male and his mate and was asked to move on.

Here is the beginning of the encounter with the female safely back near a log.

This is how the chase developed. It was slightly less than a second between the photo above and the last photo in the series below.